2013 2014 2015 2016 BMW 5 Series F10 F11 (NBT System) Factory Radio Upgrade Tips

Thanks to the GPS Navigation technologies, now we can drive to everywhere in a quick and safe route. While if there is no navigation function in your car radio or it just only comes with a small size screen, I would suggest you to install an upgraded Android GPS radio system in your car. As we all know, in most of time, not knowing where you’re going can’t be a good thing, you need a navigation system you can trust.


One important thing I should illustrate in advance, here we are not guiding you how to choose and purchase quality touchscreen radio, but we are showing you how to install a new radio from Seicane in a car since for most people, they want to know more information about replacing factory radio by themselves, instead of knowing more radio brands, price differences etc. Let’s check the installation guide following.

See the factory radio system below.


Part 1, Steps of removing the original radio in BMW vehicles

Step 1, Use plastic pry tool to remove the A/C panel. Be careful not to scratch the panel.


Step 2, Take down the A/C panel and disconnect the plug.


Step 3, Remove two screws that fixed the car radio screen, one on left side, another on right side.


Step 4, Take down the car screen and unplug the connectors.


Step 5, Remove two screws that fixed the DVD button panel.


Step 6, Pry to remove the A/C button panel.


Step 7, Take out the DVD unit, unplug the power cable and the fiber optical connector (if with OEM fiber optical).


Part 2, Steps of installing the new GPS Navigation Radio System

Step 8, Before using the aftermarket car radio with GPS, check its parts whether in good condition.


Step 9, Use new cable to connect the unplugged fiber optical connector (if with OEM fiber optical).


Step 10, Then connect other new cables to the DVD unit, and install it back to the dashboard.


Step 11, Install back the DVD button panel as well as A/C button panel.


Step 12, Connect the new radio screen and fix it well.


Step 13, Finally, install back the A/C panel.


Step 14, You can turn on the car to use the new radio system to check whether everything works normally. If there is problem, it’s advised to double check the wiring condition and ask professional after-sale service if needed.


Part 3, Something you may want to check in this Seicane GPS navigation stereo

Configuration Parameter Equipped with 10.25” IPS screen (touchscreen) with HD resolution, Android 10.0 system, 2GB/4GB RAM, 32GB/64GB ROM, 4/8-core CPU
Features &


1. Support all original car functions.

2. The product only exchanges the original car TFT monitor. It’s easy to install. No Gap, OEM Style.

3. There are built-in Bluetooth, Carplay and DSP setting.

4. Integrates multiple entertainment functions.

5. Support rear view camera, DVR, OBDII and so on.

Having wonderful drive with Seicane!



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