7 Steps to Quickly Install Seicane Android Car Radio System to the 2009-2012 Mazda 3

When you decide to upgrade the factory radio in your car, the first thing you do is to remove its original radio, and the difficulty in removal will depend on the make, model and year of car. Fortunately, the base radio in 2009-2012 Mazda 3 is easy to remove. With the replacement guide in this post, you will install the new car radio quickly and smoothly.

Steps to remove and install Seicane car radio system in Mazda 3

Here is the original radio system. You need to get a screwdriver, a hard card to do the work. Keep in mind that you must disconnect the car power before doing anything.


Step 1, To remove the air outlet: Insert a hard card into the seam of the air outlet, slide the card and use some force to pry the outlet, then you can remove it.


Step 2, Remove the screws fixing the original radio unit.


Step 3, Pull out the radio unit and unplug the connectors.


Step 4, Have a check for the wiring harness and other accessories of the Seicane android radio system to make sure a smooth work.


Step 5, Then connect cables between Seicane car radio and car plugs. In this step, it requires your patient and carefulness to recognize plug interfaces, thus you’d better have your user manual handy.


Step 6, After connecting all the cables, you can turn on your car to test the product whether functions normally.


Step 7, If everything of the product work well, then fix well the radio and install the air outlet back. The whole replacement job is finished. If the new unit doesn’t function, please double check whether the cables are connected correctly.


Driving comfortably with Seicane car stereo navigation system

Lots of drivers have complained that it is a hard thing to see navigation on the smartphone while driving, because the phone screen is too small. After installing the large touchscreen car radio, this problem solved perfectly. Compared to the 3-4 inches screen, the 9 inches screen of Seicane car radio adds more space for information display, users are given better viewing angle of navigation, videos etc.

If you love road trips, this multifunctional car stereo system must be a good assistant. On one hand, it comes with built-in GPS module that uses the latest GPS technology, is able to support online and offline navigation and provide with you newest information so you will not get lost wherever you drive. On the other hand, since long drive is easy to get tired and bored, at that moment, you can stop the car to enjoy some music, FM/AM radios, videos etc with this stereo, to keep fresh mind. What’s more, you can even connect your phone to the stereo to use Carplay as this is supported.

Not only more entertainment in this popular aftermarket car stereo can you enjoy, but it can help your driving comfortably and conveniently. Making Bluetooth call increase driving safety while you don’t have to give up every call. Installing a rear view camera to the stereo will assist you to reverse car smoothly.

You will benefit a lot after installing the Seicane car stereo system.




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