BMW 1 Series E82(manual air-conditioner) DVD GPS

As we all know, car DVD player are so popular in recent years. In today’s market, there are a large variety of automotive DVD players available for your choice, including the brand new BMW 1 Series E82(manual air-conditioner) DVD GPS.

BMW 1 Series E82(manual air-conditioner) DVD GPS


6.2 inch 16:9 800*480 digital high definition TFT LCD touch screen
AUX In Support
AV input and output, support rear camera input,automatically switch to rear camera when revese the car
Build in Bluetooth for hand free (Coming Tel No. display function & Call out directly by touch screen)
Original Canbus system for steering wheel control
With excellent mechanical anti-vibration and electronic shock protection
Small light available on the button of the panel
Night Mode support.Close display and enjoy music in the background,protect you for driving at night
Dual zone function support.Enjoy music while using GPS

White Screen Problem means that the DVD player appears white screen when you start it or use some functions. If your DVD player has this problem, you may try following solution.You first need to reset the DVD player, test whether its peripheral power supply voltage is normal and whether there is the problem of copper wire leakage.If the fault is still not excluded, take apart the DVD player and try to re-plug the cable wires distributed between main-board and panel, as well as the wires between TFT panel and the display, making sure the wire are connected tightly.White screen appears when you use some functions of car DVD, there may be something wrong with corresponding cable wires and modules. Then you have to make it repaired in an automotive store.

Line up the plus and minus contacts on the batteries with the plus and minus labeled text inside the battery compartment. Insert the batteries into the battery compartment. Replace the battery compartment cover.Find the numeric code for the DVD player in the car in the instruction manual that comes with the remote. This information also can be acquired from the manufacturer’s website. Write this down.

Like other cameras, car DVR has the similar photographic functions. In general, car dashboard cameras are able to offer better surveillance of your vehicle. In particular, when you drive out with your little children sitting in back seats, they may be do something dangerous due to curious, so it is very necessary for the adults to watch their activities carefully. A Vehicle DVR can help viewing the whole situation inside the car easily while you are sitting in the front of the car. When you make reversing or parking, it’s also important for you to see the rear situation of the vehicle. In such case, a rear view reverse camera, also known as the backup camera, can show you what is behind the vehicle clearly on the monitor of an in-dash DVD player so that you can avoid crashing on anything or anyone by accident, preventing unnecessary disputes, reducing unexpected accidents, as well as protect your vehicle from damage.

Another good news, there are many other car electronics on this promotion. For example, 50% discount for backup camera system for bus and truck, 65% discount for car DVR camcorder, 70% discount for LCD monitors. All of these items can be pretty good choices for Christmas gift. Of course there is no need to wait until Dec 25 to get a big discount.

A car accessory can be often pricy. But before talking about that kind of car accessory, let’s first view some cheaper ones. Car sticker, is a cheap car accessory that many car owners enjoy. It can be a funny statement, a lovely cartoon image, a warning sign, an advertisement poster and so on. In today’s market, there is also a new kind of sound music car sticker that can offer you melodic music and colorful lights, making your car the most standout one when driving on the road. Another inexpensive car accessory is BMW 1 Series E82(manual air-conditioner) DVD GPS.

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