BMW M5 DVD GPS navigation

To make the driving trip more interesting, relaxed and comfortable, now many BMW M5 owners prefer to install a upgrade BMW M5 DVD GPS navigation in the vehicle. Usually, a multi-functional BMW M5 DVD player will offer you not only various audio and video options, but also some assistant functions for improving driving security.

BMW M5 DVD GPS navigation

Quick Overview

Fit to: BMW M5 :1996 to 2003 (BMW new 40 OR 17-Pin connector)
GPS yes Radio yes Digital TV opt.
DVD yes Bluetooth yes Camera opt.
Analogue TV yes Ipod yes Wi-Fi no
USB/SD yes Rearview yes 3G Net no

This BMW M5 DVD GPS navigation comes with common functions of car DVD players nowadays as well. It has 7 inch 800*480 HD digital TFT LCD wide touchscreen that supports video playing, and is compatible with RM, AVI, MPG, WMV, ASF, FLV, 3GP, MP4 video playback. There is no doubt that it will bring you a more wonderful visual enjoyment. For audio enjoyment, this item also offers you the best. It is compatible with CD/VCD/DVD/MP3/MP4 audio playback(instead of your car mp3 player), so you have a large range of audio resource. Also, with the DSP(Digital Signal Processing) technology, this multimedia player certainly gives you the best HIFI sound enjoyment. AM/FM radio, DVB-T TV function, hands free Bluetooth module with A2DP and phone book support, auto rear view function, USB and SD slots, all of these are available for this BMW M5 DVD GPS navigation.

For car owners who like outdoor activities, having a self-driving trip with family or friends seems to be a pretty good idea. But, sometimes people feel that long journey is boring particularly the scenery along the road is not so attractive. Under such cases, the tiredness of the driver will come about, and accidents are very easy to come up at this point. Car DVD player might help solve with the tiredness. It can offer melodic music, making your passengers not feel so dull and bored on the go. BMW M5 DVD GPS navigation can be an optimal companion especially for those who frequently drive on the highway.

With a double din BMW M5 DVD GPS navigation head unit in the car, you will have better car trips. Usually it can play CD and DVD discs, and be compatible with memory stick. TV tuner and car FM transmitter are also offered. All of these will provide you with endless in-car audio and video options to keep your passengers and you entertained during the journey. Bluetooth is also one of the main features, so that you can safely make hands free phone calls through it when driving. They can listen to music or radio, watch movies or even TV in the car. That will add the journey much fun if you are planning to have a car-trip with families during the Christmas vacation.

Though driving an automobile, nobody will need to search for that tiny knob to change music or replay the particular track. BMW M5 DVD GPS navigation touch screen will help the user do it smoothly and this is why most auto dvd model purchasers appear out for this function although acquiring DVD players. Typically, it does not cost a lot to get a DVD player with the touch screen feature; therefore it really is worth paying attention to this aspect even though acquiring a DVD player for the vehicle.

The BMW M5 DVD GPS navigation Special comes with a built in analog TV with a 7-inch screen. You can play movies in English, French or Spanish and some other languages. Your passengers can watch their favorite cartoons and movies while you are traveling and before you know it, the trip is already over. The 7 inch digital screen displays high resolution pictures and produces resonant sound, just like you are watching movies on a cinema screen. Everything is done with a push of a button, making it easier for you to operate the player even if you are driving.

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