Car Audio Upgrade Guide of My Second-hand Honda Civic (LHD)

Getting a car is not so difficult for people now, but some of them are unable to afford a brand new car, so they purchased the second-hand cars which is a good choice for them. I also owned a second-hand car, it’s a Honda Civic (LHD) who still keeps good performance, and I am very satisfied with it.

Definitely, in terms of innovation and technology application, the old second-hand car must not as good as new cars. For example, mordern new cars come with excellent stereos, while my second-hand Honda Civic (LHD) only has the old-fashioned radio with simple functions. Therefore, I decided to look for the aftermarket car stereo to upgrade my factory radio.

My friend recommended the Seicane car audio navigation system to me. After doing some researches, I placed the order and in last month finished the upgrade job with the help of him. I would like to share the guide to you here.

Replacement steps of (2006-2011) Honda Civic (LHD) factory audio

Before the installation job, make sure you have tools like plastic pry tool, screwdriver in hand and cut off the car power for safety. Below picture shows the original radio.







Step 1 Use a plastic pry tool to pry the small board under the radio system, and remove the two eight millimeter bolts of the plastic trim





Step 2 Pull out the panel under the steering wheel





Step 3 Remove the screws that fixed the whole top panel, then pull out the whole top panel and unplug its connector





Step 4 Pull out the original radio unit and unplug all the connectors





Step 5 Check the cable accessories of the new Seicane car radio GPS system






Step 6 Remove the HVAC control board, air outlet and related accessories of the old radio panel, and install them to the new car navigation radio





Step 7 Remove these white and black small chips of the original head unit and install them on the new radio unit





Step 8 Correspondingly connect cables between new car radio navigation system and the car





Step 9 Turn on the car to test whether the new car radio unit work normally






Step 10 If there is no problem, fix the new radio in the dashboard, and install all the panel accessories in their original positions

Why choose Seicane navigation radio system for my Honda Civic (LHD)?

Category Description
High Configuration 1) Equipped with intelligent pure Android 10.0 operation system.

2) With 8-core CPU, 4GB RAM and 64GB ROM, as well as 1024P resolution.

3) 10.1 inch multi-touch IPS screen with smooth operation, high sensitivity and abundant interaction.

Excellent Features 1) Come with Bluetooth, support hands-free calls and music streaming.

2) Provide 3D Navigation, help drivers get to destination fast and safe.

3) Listening to music, receiving radio tuners, and watching videos offline/online.

4) There are exquisite and user-friendly user interfaces to increase visual experience.

5) Support Carplay and Android Auto, you can freely use phone applications in this radio display when connect your phone to this head unit.

Optional Functions 1) Users can add DVR to this Seicane car radio to record the whole process of traffic accidents, take photos for front of vehicles and store the video in real-time while driving.

2) It also supports backup camera then when you reverse the car, it can automatically switch to the parking image, help parking easily.















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