Car DVD gps for BMW 1 Series E82(automatic air-conditioner)

Now there are a auto DVD Player named BMW 1 Series E82 dvd player and which is a amazing unit for BMW 1 Series E82(automatic air-conditioner). The unit can fit perfectly in the BMW E82 1 Series (2004 Onwards) Coupe. there isn’t any gap with original dashboard after installation. There are 2 DIN beautiful picture OSD menu function and the big display 6.2 Inch Digital Touch Screen make this unit very special.Last, this Car DVD gps for BMW 1 Series E82(automatic air-conditioner) also has these important functions: Background Switchable function, Bluetooth Phonebook & MP3, Dual Zone for GPS, and Steering Wheel Control, are you so excited?

Car DVD gps for BMW 1 Series E82

Fit to these cars:
automatic air-conditioner+heated seat
BMW E81 1 Series  (2004 Onwards) Door Hatchback
BMW E82 1 Series  (2004 Onwards) Coupe 
BMW E88 1 Series  (2004 Onwards) Convertibl

Quick Overview

Fit to: automatic air-conditioner+heated seat BMW E82 1 Series (2004 Onwards) Coupe
GPS yes Radio yes Digital TV opt.
DVD yes Bluetooth yes Camera opt.
Analogue TV yes Ipod yes Wi-Fi no
USB/SD yes Rearview yes 3G Net no

Key features:
1.6.2 inch 800*480 digital high definition TFT LCD touch screen
2.Built-in GPS navigation system
4.mini USB and SD card.Support DIVX/MPEG/DAT/MOV/VCD/XVID/MP3/MP4/WMA/JPEG etc
5.AUX In Support
6.IPOD Support

POI is one of the most commonly used functions for good Best Car GPS. Do you know what does this technical term mean and how important it means for a GPS? This article will introduce you more in details.Many maps have such POI function, such as the popular iGo, Garmin, Sygic, Pol Nav, ect. It becomes a must for these map company to provide such useful resources for users.So if you would like to get a best double din head unit make sure you have got the right unit with map and POI function, it will bring you much more convenience while you’re on the road.

DVB-T signal itself has different formats, like MPEG-2 and MPEG-4. Most of the DVB-T receiver can play the MPEG-2 programs, but more advanced ones can play even MPEG-R format. Both of the 2 formats are widely used in the Europe or Australia. But different countries use different format for their digital TV. Anyway, it’s better for you to get a DVB-T Car DVD which incoperates the MPEG-4.

Don’t max out your tone controls.Boosting your factory radio’s tone controls up to 11 might make your system sound better sitting in your driveway, but it just creates distortion when you turn it up on the highway. A heavy low-frequency boost, in particular, will put a big strain on your factory system. If you want to fatten up your sound, try using a smaller boost in the bass, lower the highs and mids a touch, and then turn up your overall level a little more.But maybe you’ve replaced your factory radio with an aftermarket stereo that features a multi-band equalizer. The rule still holds true — you should avoid excessive tone boosts or cuts if possible. A bad EQ setting can make a good system sound terrible, while an intelligent tone curve can make a good system sound great.

The best Car DVD gps for BMW 1 Series E82(automatic air-conditioner)  device should be one that is neither too cheap nor too expensive, but it is the one that provides you all the functions and features that will make you with a real pleasure for using a GPS device, meanwhile, you can save some money. So why not?

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