Car DVD navigation selection tips for Audi A5(2008-2013) with Bluetooth TV radio GPS?

Almost all the drivers need the car DVD player navigation in their car, many of them may already have one, and some others are ready to buy one. But as the DVD navigationmarket often make you feel daze, how do you know what should be considered about when choose the best one for your car? The author here will talk about the tips that you should keep in mind when choose the device for yourself.

Brand is very important.
How the quality of a navigation is greatly related to the background. Brand means a lot. The PND unit from manufacturer is produced by the factory, and the small brand or fake navigation is from the hand of small workshops, you must know the difference. The difference between the production process and quality control are very different, so the PND unit from brand manufactures of course has better quality than the small and counterfeit brand.

The hardware should keep up with demand.
Although for car DVD navigation the hardware is required less, and we do not need to worry more about the configuration problem when purchase the electronic equipment, but the hardware still has to be considered.

Cold start and hot start.
When choose navigation system, you need to consider about the stability of the system and can if it can fast locate. Here you need to know the GPS positioning can be classified as cold start and hot start. Cold start is the navigation started in a strange environment, starts from the GPS to contact the GPS and navigation satellite in the sky and calculate the location coordinates of time. The hot start is a navigator in the last position did not make a long distance move off, start the GPS to calculate GPS coordinates.

The DVD navigation map.
The navigation software people often care about is what we called the navigation map. Navigation map is now very mature, first, because the brand that can make professional navigation map is very stable. Secondly, navigation map path planning algorithm is similar, or even the same, is divided into high priority, and a fast and economic priority, one of the system default for a shortcut, so in the navigation on the fundamental demand, as long as it is the original navigation map, we all can convenient reach the destination smoothly. That is why we use different DVD navigation map, and they provide us the same path.

Additional entertainment functions.
At present common e road traffic, the freelancer, e, optimal path navigator have MP4 function, can bring a good video service in navigation. And Windows CE system navigator built-in many educational classes of small game, such as chess can provide choice when we pass the time.

Use the professional navigation system.
The situation of DVD navigation is not optimistic, because the navigation is being replaced by smart phones and tablets, but for the future direction of car DVD player navigation, we should still have confidence. Because the real navigation path planning exists in the navigator, navigator as car tool has the advantage of mobile phone, tablet, mobile phone . And the navigation system is the most important for the application of GPS’s stability, embody the navigation professional, there are specialized, when need directions, car DVD navigation still should be our first choice.

View the following video, you will have a better understanding of the car DVD navigation system.

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