Guidelines To Help You Search For Mercedes Benz S W220 navigation system with touch screen

Many individuals look at searching for a auto purchasing as something which fills up all of them with fear. While it is constantly exciting to operate a vehicle a brand new car dvd players Navigation, creating deciding on a which to acquire demands research, analysis and assessment. By using this data, you’ll be on the right path to creating the most effective acquire achievable.


The China Major Mercedes Benz S W220 multi-function Multimedia Player are capable of supporting Navigation systems, DVD, FM radio, RDS, Wireless bluetooth, A2DP, Television, ipod touch, SD, Universal serial bus, picture in picture, AUX, Rearview Digital camera, Steering Wheel Control and so on. This Mercedes Benz S W220 dvd player provides users extra leisure than manufacturer CD player and also radio. Guidance together with the Navigation systems, you can enjoy popular music while sat nav, you can go any place!

Essential Characteristics:

Dual zone function assistance, Navigating and Enjoying music at the same time
With excellent mechanical anti-vibration and electronic shock protection
Beautiful picture OSD menu
Background picture changeable, Function icons removeable, Contrast and Brightness adjustment
korean,Turkey,Greece and so forth languages are available

Optional function
Digital TV (DVB-T/ATSC-MH/I-SDB-T) yes
2GB SD Card and map yes
Camera yes

Digital Television on the subject of Mercedes Benz S W220 head unit

You’ll find 3 mostly digital Television standards on the planet:
1. DVB-T: Primarily utilize in Europe, Australia, India, and so forth.
two. ATSC: Primarily apply within the US, Canada, Mexico, Korea, etc.
3. ISDB: Mostly apply in Japan, Brazil, Peru and some other South American countries.
Make sure you refer for the below photo, diverse regions has unique digital Television requirements. You’ll be able to see which common your current country is working with.

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