How to install 2012-2015 Ford Focus radio built-in Carplay Android Auto Support Backup Camera

As the fan of Ford Focus, there is no doubt that installing a car touch screen radio can bring you much benefit than you can imagine. As far as I am concerned, not only can it add much fun to my driving life but also keep all of the original car’s function that I want. So everyone would rather have one. The most cost-effective way of it is to install the Ford Focus Radio on your own just as the following steps shown. In this passage, you will know how to install the stereo of Ford vehicles by yourself.


Before installation, you should pay attention to some important tips. First of all, you can disconnect the power and prepare some tools such as lever or a screwdriver before the removal and the installation. Secondly, you should keep all the separate parts from the car and take great care of the dashboard to avoid scratching it during its detachment and installation.

Last but not least, you should keep handy any parts from the car and make use of all the original screws from the car as much as possible so that each related part of the unit can be fixed securely.

2012-2015 Ford Focus Radio Installation Instruction

Step 1.Remove one bar under the radio with a plastic removal tool.


Step 2.Remove two screws that fixed the trim panel.


Step 3.Gently take out the trim panel.


Step 4.Remove screws fixed the radio.


Step 5.Pull out the original car radio.


Step 6.Unplug the connectors at the back of the car radio.


Step 7.Check all the accessories for the new stereo.


Step 8.Connect the harnesses to the back of the new audio.


Step 9.Connect the new car touch screen to your original radio’s plugs.


Step 10.Turn on the new car radio to have a careful check if everything works well. If it doesn’t, please check whether all the cables are connected correctly.


Step 11.Put the new unit into the dash and everything into their original place.


Until these 11 steps finished, do you have clearer idea about how to install this radio on your own? Or are you still confused about the procedure? The most recommended way of solving your problem is to ask for a professional car dealer for help as they always can offer you the good technical support. But if you want to save money and time, you can click your mouse online where there are various tutorial here. And here is a link of Ford Focus unit from Seicane, where you may find your information that you want.

You can use this radio to do lots of things, not just listen to music and radio broadcast.Compared to the factory radio, the most useful feature of this unit is it gives your car the ability to display driving images. That’s to say, you can install an external rear view camera to the car, then when you reverse and park the car, the radio screen will automatically switch to the rear images to help you see clearly the rear situation, so you can reverse and park car conveniently.

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