How to Install 2014 2015 Hyundai i20 Bluetooth Car Radio with GPS?

Imagine you are on a long drive, you feel a little bored and tired, and want to refresh yourself by listening to music or watching videos, while you just find that your factory car radio player is so inconvenient, less storage, average sound effects, no touch screen, no video playback etc., resulting in an even worse mood. And finally, you are in deep thought why not upgrade the car audio system?

It’s believe that many people encounter situation that their factory car radios have less function, sometimes it’s hard to meet their needs. That’s why we highly recommend to upgrade aftermarket car radio in your car.

In this post, I’d like to introduce a detailed installation guide of 2014 2015 Hyundai i20 Car Radio with GPS from Seicane. If you also own a 2014 2015 Hyundai i20, you can have deeply reference to the following steps. And the picture shows how it looks after finishing. So awesome!


Some important words for you before installation:

  • Cut off the power firstly.
  • Prepare a lever and a screwdriver. For your convenience, you can shop here to get toolkit.
  • Keep all the separate parts from the carand have them complete and non-destructive.
  • Be mindful to avoid scratching the dashboard.
  • Bemindful to avoid scratching the dashboard.

2014 2015 Hyundai i20 Bluetooth Car Radio Installation Guide

The original car radio.

The original car radio

1 Remove the original radio frame.

Remove the original radio frame

2 Remove the screws that fixed the original car radio on the dashboard.

Remove the screws that fixed the original car radio on the dashboard

3 Slightly take out the original radio.

Take out the original radio slightly

4 Remove connectors and cables at the back of the original radio.

Remove connectors and cables at the back of the original radio

5 Check all the accessories for the new Seicane car radio with Bluetooth GPS navigation.

6 Connect the harnesses to the back of the new car radio.

7 Connect the Seicane car radio to the original stereo’s plugs.

8 Turn on the new bluetooth car radio to have a careful check if everything works well. If it doesn’t, please check whether all the cables are connected correctly.

9 Put the new radio into the dash.

10 Put everything into their original places. The whole installation is done.

With this guide, most customers would install the radio without problems. But don’t worry, whenever you have issues or needs, Seicane is always here to assistant.

This multi-functional 2014 2015 Hyundai i20 car radio with GPS navigation provided by Seicane comes with a wide range of benefit.

  • IPS Full Screen View- No light reflecting under 360 degrees, no watermarks when touching, super fast to response and offering large viewing angle.
  • Built-in Carplay and Android Auto -able to support Android system and the latest IOS system, Siri Microphone voice control.
  • Bluetooth Technology- Without keeping your hands off the steering wheel, to access to hands-free calls as well as streaming music from phone, greatly ensuring driving safety.
  • Radio Tuner- Built-in with strong digital FM/AM radio tuner, this car A/V system features searching radio channels automatically, manually and storing them in the process. RDS is also supported.
  • 3D Navigation: The car stereo is equipped with worldwide real-time navigation function of high accuracy. With current location, speed, mileage, landmark building display, 3D street view, destination search and turn-by-turn voice directions, it will be your perfect road companion. With dual zone function, the music from radio/AV/TV etc can be played behind the scene under GPS mode and it will switch to the GPS voice automatically.

Without a doubt, I believe this multimedia car stereo player is worthy investing, whenever you want, it supports different formats to allow you to play your favorite music, interesting videos, and wonderful movies, etc, keeping you a wonderful as well as safe driving trip.

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