How to Quick Install an Upgraded Car Radio with Carplay Bluetooth in Your Toyota Camry?

Installing an upgraded car radio in Toyota Camry is not a difficult thing. With the following guide, car owners can remove and install radio by themselves.

Tools: Plastic pry tools, screwdrivers

New radio: Seicane touchscreen car radio for Toyota Camry

To ensure safety, you need to power off the car before doing anything.


Step 1, Carefully remove the two trim panels with your hands.



Step 2, Remove these two screws at first.



Step 3, Power your vehicle to set up the emergency brake, then we need to remove this plastic handle. After removing, power off your car again.



Step 4, Pull out the container panel with your hands. Be carefully.



Step 5, Then you need to remove the whole container structure.



Step 6, Now we can remove this part as we have loosen the screws at Step 2, and you need to unplug the connectors.



Step 7, We go to remove the vent this time. Use a plastic tool to pry the vent to take it down, and plug the connector.



Step 8, This step we are planning to remove the whole radio system. You can find that there are four screws we need to remove, two at upper inside, two at bottom inside.



Step 9, After removing the four screws, we can take down the whole radio system, also unplug its connectors.



Step 10, And we need to remove these three control buttons of the old radio, in order to install them on the new Seicane car radio.



Step 11, The removal of the original radio is finished, we are ready to install the Seicane car radio with Carplay. Firstly, have a check for the wiring harness of the new radio.



Step 12, Connect the new radio: This step will require your patient and carefulness to connect the cables between new radio and car plugs, so have your user manual handy will be helpful.



Step 13, After connecting the cables, you are advised to turn on the car and test the new radio. If it works well, then you can put everything back; If not, check whether you connect the cables correctly.



Compared to the original radio, Seicane Android car radio system is multifunctional.

  • The systemis equipped with big touchscreen and voice recognition, which is more convenient when you operate it.
  • It supports WIFI and 4G network, so you can download any application in the Android market for accessing to games, Skype, YouTube, Twitter, E-Book, Gmail etc.
  • You can enjoy music, radios, videos with quality sound effect and at HD resolution in this amazing radio system.
  • There is built-in Bluetooth module, then you can also stream Bluetooth music and make Bluetooth hands-free call during the drive.
  • Reversing image is one of important functions. With reversing images, drivers can park the car easier and safer.
  • Seeing navigation information in the large size screen is more comfortable.

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