How to Replace the Factory Stereo System of 2010-2015 Toyota Reiz Mark X?


We get tired easily when drive on long journey, something must be done to keep refresh. In such situation, the car stereo system will be our perfect choice. So what can we do? If there is a touchscreen Android stereo in your car, I assure you can do a lot. For example, listening to interesting radio channels, enjoying beautiful music, displaying movies, exploring new things on the Internet, Carplay connecting etc. What a pity if your car only comes an old-fashioned stereo! You’re highly advised to get an aftermarket touchscreen radio head unit to upgrade the old one.

Due to the different makes, years and models of cars, there will be different ways to upgrade their factory stereos, just take a look at this post about replacing stereo in 2010-2015 Toyota Reiz Mark X, you may get some ideas from it.

Steps to remove and install stereo in 2010-2015 Toyota Reiz Mark X

See the factory stereo system of the car


Step 1, Remove the trim panels on the two sides of the stereo


Step 2, Remove screws that fixed the car stereo


Step 3, Take down the stereo and disconnect the plugs


Step 4, Remove screws of the metal brackets that fixed the original main unit and the A/C button panel


Step 5, Separate the main unit and the A/C button panel


Step 6, Keep the A/C button panel and install it back to the dash


Step 7, Tighten the screws


Step 8, Connect Power Harness, RCA Cable and CAM Cable to the new car stereo


Step 9, Correspondingly connect the new stereo cables to the car plugs


Step 10, Install the touchscreen stereo to the dash


Step 11, Install the trim panels back


Step 12, Power on the car to test the new Android car stereo system to see whether it functions well


You see, it’s not a hard work to replace the 2010-2015 Toyota Reiz Mark X stereo, and you can explore Seicane blog to find more car stereo installation guides.

For more than 10 years, Seicane is committed to providing customers with high-quality aftermarket car stereo GPS systems and other car accessories, helping drivers increase driving experience.

Seicane delivers various car stereos who come plenty of outstanding features,

  • Made of large size touchscreen, easy to use and comfortable to view
  • Equipped with Android 10.0/11.0 system and 8-core CPU, keeping stable performance
  • Offering multiple entertainments including music/videos/radios playing, Internet connecting, phone integrating (Bluetooth, Carplay/Android Auto)
  • Also providing you with accurate and comprehensive navigation information
  • Being compatible with different external car cameras to add more safety

… …


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