In Dash Car DVD Player Using Warnings for BMW 3 Series E46 with GPS TV IPod Bluetooth

We may meet this situation for several times that our newly purchasing things suddenly break down for no reasons. We get angry and blame on the merchant who sold us this bad quality product. But, think it again, do you really use the things in a right way? Or do you keep your things in right way? Let’s take in dash car DVD player for BMW 3 series E46 for example.

in dash car DVD for BMW 3 series E46

in dash car DVD for BMW 3 series E46


Car DVD as an important entertainment tool in a car for drivers, is always used during driving. If you are a driver, you may familiar with the functions it has, and use them expertly. However, do you know how to keep it in daily life? Just turn off the power and leave it would be OK? The answer is NO.


Everything happens for a reason, so your car DVD break down for a reason, too. Here are some warnings for you with your car DVD, check out whether you miss some.


  1. Keep all the parts, accessories of the car entertainment and navigation system away from the children.
  2. Please keep dry. The rain, moisture and other kinds of liquid may contain mineral substance, which will corrode the electronic circuits. Moisture will ruin the components, cause irreparable damage.
  3. Do not use or put the unit in the dusty place.
  4. Keep the unit away from the extremely hot place. High temperature will shorten its lifespan, damage the battery, deform or melt the plastic parts.
  5. Keep the unit away from extremely cold place.
  6. Please don’t throw, knock or shock the machine hard, it may ruin the unit.
  7. Don’t use strong chemicals or detergent to wash the unit.
  8. Keep away from radioactive or magnetic equipment when using the machine.
  9. Use a soft and clean cloth to wipe the screen, paper is not recommended.
  10. Please use touch pen to operate the unit. Avoid sharp objects.


If you didn’t obey to the warnings mentioned above, your car DVD may break down for another time, too. There are should be other reasons to cause malfunction, if you really meet a big problem that you cann’t handle with, don’t try to deal with it by yourself, or your car DVD will be scrapped. Ask a professional to help or send your car DVD back to the merchant to help.


Hope you enjoy your in dash car DVD for BMW 3 series E46, more to known on website: http://www.seicane.com/android-7-inch-car-dvd-player-for-bmw-3-series-e46-touchscreen-gps-tv-ipod-3g-wifi-sia-9201

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