Knowledge about car DVD player GPS positioning

GPS (Global Positioning System), the Global Positioning System, is US-developed satellite navigation and positioning system, now using wgs 84 coordinate system. Due to the Earth’s position in the celestial space is unstable, so the wgs84 can point to a location with the North Pole as an agreement.

There are 24 satellite positioning system satellites distributed on six working tracks and each track formed 120 degree angle with each other, so that car DVD player GPS users can receive GPS signal and positioning location at any time and any place. And unaffected by weather, but can be affected by landscape or buildings shadow, which means it’s difficulty to receive satellite signals inside doors or on the bus.

1>. The precautions of car DVD player GPS operation:

1. It’s very easy to lose the navigation information or lose the map information if directly pull out the SD card during navigation.

2. The right way to log out of the navigation is to turn off the navigation system in the navigation interface first, then exit.

Functions as followings:

1 tracking

The monitoring center monitor all accused vehicles  for 24 hours a day, all the situation including real-time location, travel direction and speed is under it’s monitoring.

2 track playback

Monitoring center can play back the recent 60 days’ track record. (Depending on the situation, track DVD burning service is optional)

3 alarm (report)

4. Mapping function

According to view needs, customers can add a modified custom map lines to obtain better service.

5. Mileage calculation

The car DVD player GPS system uses GPS car terminal driving record and GIS geographic system principle to calculate the vehicle mileage statistics, and generate reports and can be printed.

6. Vehicle information management

The easy and convenience management platform provides a set of information of the vehicle, the driver, the vehicle pictures, etc. In this way, it brings convenience to the scheduling personal.

7. SMS notification

In order to grasp the important vehicle status information anytime and anywhere, this function can send all kinds of vehicle alarm or status information of the monitored cars to the administrator when necessary.

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