Methods to protect BMW X5 E53 head unit

BMW X5 E53 head unit voice remindingBMW X5 E53 head unit is really a small laptop. Normally, satnav systems work with PPC(2003,2005), sybian s60, SP(2003,2005) and PC(XP) operation system, and several auto navigation program use WinCE5.0 and WinCE6.0. WinCE provides a virtual hardware foundation to permit evaluating some application models. System WinCE6.0 works with ARM simulator, therefore we can test some interfacial software and some other basic pregame, we can easily directly test the new system inside the ARM emulator, if it succeed, it usually can work in navigation. Therefore, if we download a new navigation system and new map or another WinCE software, we do not ought to duplicate the downloaded into the Sdcard and put in this card into aftermarket radio navigator, frequently unplugging and inserting cards will harm to the navigation slots.

BMW X5 E53 head unit navigation device fits BMW X5 E53 2000 to 2001 (BMW Old 17-Pin connector) and BMW X5 E53 2002 to 2007 (BMW new 40-Pin connector).With this particular DVD navigation radio, users can easily locate the precise spot by satellite navigation. It supplies thousands of newest map from state. Searching the destination where you would like to go, you’ll be able to record and share the places you generally went to, you can also fuzzy query hotel and gas station nearby the house, that will be useful for your navigation. For your navigation will automatically design routes for yourself by the information you record, it will suggest you if you need to go by some place or avoid high-speed.

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