The Best Guide to Help You Install Android Radio Screen in 2010-2013 BMW X5 E70 CIC System

The important reasons people love the touchscreen phone would include it’s super easy to use, clear to read and check all information, and comes with multiple functions that greatly add fun to our life. The fact is if your car screen can act as a phone which is multifunctional and operated easily, you will have a perfect driving experience. And this is why most car owners tend to replace their original car radio to an aftermarket Android radio system.

Depending on the make, year and model of the car, there are different ways to install a new car radio. If you have a 2010-2013 BMW X5 E70 (CIC System), you will get the best instructions here.

How to upgrade radio in 2010-2013 BMW X5 E70 (CIC System)?

New Radio 10.25” Touchscreen GPS Navigation Radio (from Seicane)
Basic Tools Plastic pry tools, screwdrivers
Safety Tip Ensure the car power is cut off before working on the car dashboard

Step 1, Use the plastic pry tool to pry open the A/C outlet, take down the outlet and disconnect its plug.



Step 2, Remove screws that fixed the original radio screen, take it down and unplug the connectors.


Step 3, Remove screws that fixed the button panel, then pry to open it and take it down, as well as disconnect the plugs.




Step 4, Remove screws that fixed the original CD unit, take it down and unplug all the connectors.


Step 5, Have a check for the new Android touchscreen head unit of Seicane, making sure all the parts are in good condition.


Step 6, Connect the new wiring harness to car plugs, then correspondingly connect the new radio screen and original CD unit to the dashboard.


Step 7, Turn on the car to test the new radio system, if everything works normally, then install all the car parts back. If there is problem, check carefully whether the cables are connected correctly.


This Android touchscreen for 2010-2013 BMW X5 E70 (CIC System) features a 10.25″ display that is designed with exquisite look and smooth to operate. When you watch videos and use navigation, you are provided with the most comfortable view.

In addition to being able to support all original car functions such as steering wheel control, the Android radio helps improve user experience. For entertainment, you can listen to plenty of FM/AM radio channels worldwide, search and download your favorite songs, enjoy Youtube videos etc. In terms of keeping safe drive on the road, you can add some car cameras and use Bluetooth calls. What’s more, you can use Carplay since it’s one of the powerful functions offered by this excellent product. Carplay is considered the safest way to use phone applications while driving.

Car Stereo System Upgrade for 2001-2008 BMW 7 Series E65 E66


When it comes to upgrading 2001-2008 BMW 7 Series E65 E66 stereo system, you’ll find an easy way to do that quickly. In order to help BMW drivers get a better car stereo system, Seicane provides advanced Android radio screen that drivers can use it to replace the original BMW screen easily and conveniently while enjoy more excellent functions.

Before replacing, basic tools including plastic pry tools and screwdrivers should be prepared. To keep safety, you must cut off the car power during the removal and installation process. Check the upgrade guide below.

The original car radio system.


Step 1, Pry to open the front cover plate of the radio screen, then remove the cover plate.


Step 2, Remove 3 screws that fixed on the top of the radio screen, then pry to remove the radio screen, unplug its connectors.


Step 3, Remove screws that fixed the A/C outlet panel; Pry to open the outlet panel from the side of co-pilot.


Step 4, Take down the whole A/C outlet panel and unplug the connector.


Step 5, Remove screws that fixed the original CD unit, take it down and disconnect its plugs.


Step 6, Pry to remove the metal sheet on the back of the original radio screen, then disassemble the screen and frame, and unplug the cable.


Step 7, Use new cable to assemble the frame on the new radio screen.


Step 8, Connect new wiring harness to the car plugs, then connect new radio screen and original CD unit.


Step 9, Start the car to test whether the new stereo system can work normally, if there is no problem, install all the car accessories back; if there is something wrong, check whether the cables are correctly connected.


Superiority of car screen replacement

  • East to install – Thisproduct only exchanges your original car TFT monitor, needn’t to replace the main unit, which is very easy to install, plug and play.
  • Best viewing angle – With the 8.8 inch IPS screen, see everything at a good and comfortable view. What’s more, its resolution can be up to 1280*480 so as you can see super clearly.
  • EQ setting – There is built in multi-segment DSP, you can freely adjust it to enjoy quality sound effect.
  • Carplay connecting – It comes with built-in Carplay, with this powerful function, the radio will as as a big size phone, not only can you use phone applications freely on the radio display, but you can drive safer on the road.
  • Bluetooth compatible – There is also built-in Bluetooth module, giving you ability to stream Bluetooth music and make hands-free calls, keeping more fun and safe.
  • WIFI and 4G Network – Connect to the Internet via WIFI and 4G whenever and wherever you go, enjoying online entertainment, saying goodbye to boredom&troubles.driving

How to Install an Android Head Unit in 2009-2017 Audi Q5?

More or less, we like to make some changes to our loved car. Some car owners add decorations such as car pendants, dolls, some may install useful car gadgets like driving recorder, car charger, car refrigerator etc, while some even choose to modify car parts. All these are for comfortable and convenient in-car life.


We have many ways to enjoy better driving. In my opinion, a good car stereo head unit is the most important as no one can bear without any music in the car. If there is already a nice stereo in your car, you don’t need to do anything; If it’s just the basic stereo with few function, it’s time for you to consider upgrading it. After reading this stereo installation guide for 2009-2017 Audi Q5, you may get help for your decision.

Removal and Installation of 2009-2017 Audi Q5 Radio

In the market, you are given a wide range of external stereo brand and model choices. Here we installed the Seicane android car stereo in Audi Q5.

  • Tools: Plastic pry tools, screwdrivers.
  • Note: Cut off the car power before working to ensure safety.

Step 1, Pry to open the trim panel of the screen, remove the panel, and unplug the connectors.



Step 2, Remove 4 screws that fixed the screen, take out the screen, and unplug its connectors.



Step 3, Pry to open the A/C outlet, take down the outlet, and disconnect the plugs.



Step 4, Pry to remove the A/C button panel, take it down and unplug the connectors.



Step 5, Remove 4 screws that fixed the CD unit, pull it out and disconnect its plugs.



Step 6, Take a check at the wiring harness and other accessories of Seicane android stereo head unit.



Step 7, Correspondingly connect the new wiring harness to the car plugs.



Step 8, Connect the original CD unit and install it back to the dashboard.



Step 9, Install the screen bracket, connect the screen, and tighten the screws to fix it.



Step 10, Power on the car to test the new stereo system. If it works well, install all car parts back; if there is a problem, double check the wiring conditions.



Improve driving experience with Seicane touchscreen stereo GPS system

  • Wide viewing sight – With the 12.3 inches large touchscreen, you see everything very clearly and operate it easier. When you use GPS navigation, you get to know all road situation in real time.
  • Stable performance – Applied the Android 10.0 system, Samsung-A53 8-Core CPU and 4GB RAM, this head unitalways provides with you stable performance and smooth response.
  • Multiple functions – Not only can you enjoy lots of songs  offline/online at quality sounds, but you can watch videos at HD 1080P resolution, use Carplay, stream Bluetooth music etc. With DVR, backup camera connected to the radio system, you drive safer on the road.

An Easy Way to Upgrade 2009 2010 BMW 5 Series E60 Radio System

For me, one of the most exciting moments was gifted a BMW E60 from my uncle at my 22nd birthday. You can imagine that how I love it so much!


Even if it has been used for 5 years, the BMW E60 is still almost perfect for me, but sure there is room to be changed, right? Last month, I removed the old radio screen and installed an upgraded touchscreen in the car. Not for special reasons, but I think there should be some changes in my car and replacing the original screen may be a good start.

Thankfully, it was not so hard to do the replacement, I finished the work myself. You’ll find instruction of every step below.

New Radio: Seicane Touchscreen Android Car Radio System (Model: H806)

Tools: Plastic pry tools, screwdrivers

Note: Power off the car at first to ensure safety.

The removal and installation processes

This is the original radio system screen.


Step 1, Pry to remove the A/C vent panel, take it down and unplug connector.


Step 2, Remove screws that fixed the CD button panel, take down the panel and unplug connector.


Step 3, Pry the button panel at the bottom, take it down and unplug connector.


Step 4, Remove screws that fixed the CD unit, take down the unit and unplug its connectors.


Step 5, Remove screws that fixed the radio screen, take down the screen and unplug connector.


Step 6, Check the new wiring harness of the Seicane radio screen system, and connect them to the car plugs.


Step 7, Connect the new radio screen with the new wiring harness.


Step 8, Connect the original radio CD unit, and install it back.



Step 9, Install the bottom button panel back.


Step 10, Install the CD button panel back.


Step 11, Tighten the screws of the new radio screen to fix it.


Step 12, Finally, install the A/C vent panel back.


Step 13, Turn on your car to test the working conditions of the new radio system.


About Seicane radio screen for BMW E60

  • Equipped with 8.8” IPS screen at exquisite design, it’s fast to response, smooth to operate, no light reflecting and no watermarks when touch.
  • Comes with built-in Bluetooth and supports Carplay, giving you more choice of entertainment to avoid boredom and tiredness during trips.
  • Supports original car functions, keeping you as comfortable operating experience as before.
  • Provides clearer and HD navigation information for you, always arriving your destination without any trouble.
  • Also be able to support rear view camera, and this would assist you to park and reverse the car easily.

How to Quick Install an Upgraded Car Radio with Carplay Bluetooth in Your Toyota Camry?

Installing an upgraded car radio in Toyota Camry is not a difficult thing. With the following guide, car owners can remove and install radio by themselves.

Tools: Plastic pry tools, screwdrivers

New radio: Seicane touchscreen car radio for Toyota Camry

To ensure safety, you need to power off the car before doing anything.


Step 1, Carefully remove the two trim panels with your hands.



Step 2, Remove these two screws at first.



Step 3, Power your vehicle to set up the emergency brake, then we need to remove this plastic handle. After removing, power off your car again.



Step 4, Pull out the container panel with your hands. Be carefully.



Step 5, Then you need to remove the whole container structure.



Step 6, Now we can remove this part as we have loosen the screws at Step 2, and you need to unplug the connectors.



Step 7, We go to remove the vent this time. Use a plastic tool to pry the vent to take it down, and plug the connector.



Step 8, This step we are planning to remove the whole radio system. You can find that there are four screws we need to remove, two at upper inside, two at bottom inside.



Step 9, After removing the four screws, we can take down the whole radio system, also unplug its connectors.



Step 10, And we need to remove these three control buttons of the old radio, in order to install them on the new Seicane car radio.



Step 11, The removal of the original radio is finished, we are ready to install the Seicane car radio with Carplay. Firstly, have a check for the wiring harness of the new radio.



Step 12, Connect the new radio: This step will require your patient and carefulness to connect the cables between new radio and car plugs, so have your user manual handy will be helpful.



Step 13, After connecting the cables, you are advised to turn on the car and test the new radio. If it works well, then you can put everything back; If not, check whether you connect the cables correctly.



Compared to the original radio, Seicane Android car radio system is multifunctional.

  • The systemis equipped with big touchscreen and voice recognition, which is more convenient when you operate it.
  • It supports WIFI and 4G network, so you can download any application in the Android market for accessing to games, Skype, YouTube, Twitter, E-Book, Gmail etc.
  • You can enjoy music, radios, videos with quality sound effect and at HD resolution in this amazing radio system.
  • There is built-in Bluetooth module, then you can also stream Bluetooth music and make Bluetooth hands-free call during the drive.
  • Reversing image is one of important functions. With reversing images, drivers can park the car easier and safer.
  • Seeing navigation information in the large size screen is more comfortable.

7 Steps to Quickly Install Seicane Android Car Radio System to the 2009-2012 Mazda 3

When you decide to upgrade the factory radio in your car, the first thing you do is to remove its original radio, and the difficulty in removal will depend on the make, model and year of car. Fortunately, the base radio in 2009-2012 Mazda 3 is easy to remove. With the replacement guide in this post, you will install the new car radio quickly and smoothly.

Steps to remove and install Seicane car radio system in Mazda 3

Here is the original radio system. You need to get a screwdriver, a hard card to do the work. Keep in mind that you must disconnect the car power before doing anything.


Step 1, To remove the air outlet: Insert a hard card into the seam of the air outlet, slide the card and use some force to pry the outlet, then you can remove it.


Step 2, Remove the screws fixing the original radio unit.


Step 3, Pull out the radio unit and unplug the connectors.


Step 4, Have a check for the wiring harness and other accessories of the Seicane android radio system to make sure a smooth work.


Step 5, Then connect cables between Seicane car radio and car plugs. In this step, it requires your patient and carefulness to recognize plug interfaces, thus you’d better have your user manual handy.


Step 6, After connecting all the cables, you can turn on your car to test the product whether functions normally.


Step 7, If everything of the product work well, then fix well the radio and install the air outlet back. The whole replacement job is finished. If the new unit doesn’t function, please double check whether the cables are connected correctly.


Driving comfortably with Seicane car stereo navigation system

Lots of drivers have complained that it is a hard thing to see navigation on the smartphone while driving, because the phone screen is too small. After installing the large touchscreen car radio, this problem solved perfectly. Compared to the 3-4 inches screen, the 9 inches screen of Seicane car radio adds more space for information display, users are given better viewing angle of navigation, videos etc.

If you love road trips, this multifunctional car stereo system must be a good assistant. On one hand, it comes with built-in GPS module that uses the latest GPS technology, is able to support online and offline navigation and provide with you newest information so you will not get lost wherever you drive. On the other hand, since long drive is easy to get tired and bored, at that moment, you can stop the car to enjoy some music, FM/AM radios, videos etc with this stereo, to keep fresh mind. What’s more, you can even connect your phone to the stereo to use Carplay as this is supported.

Not only more entertainment in this popular aftermarket car stereo can you enjoy, but it can help your driving comfortably and conveniently. Making Bluetooth call increase driving safety while you don’t have to give up every call. Installing a rear view camera to the stereo will assist you to reverse car smoothly.

You will benefit a lot after installing the Seicane car stereo system.




Seicane Android Car Audio Navigation System: The Best Choice to Upgrade Factory Radio

The car audio system is an in-car infotainment product installed in the center console of the car, which can realize the communication between people and cars, cars and cars, so that the driver can better control the electronic equipment of the car.

At the beginning, the car audio system was a radio which only can listen to radios; later, DVD, MP3 and navigation functions were added. Finally, there are reversing cameras, driving assistants, and a variety of multimedia applications.










Nowadays, lots of new modern cars come with intelligent multifunctional car stereo systems. But some of cars still used the old-fashioned audio system with simple functions. Thanksfully, there are plenty of aftermarket car audio systems in the market, allowing the old car owners easily to upgrade their factory radios. Seicane is one of the reliable and popular brands of car audio systems in the world.

Brief Instruction of Seicane

As a comprehensive new and high technology company, Seicane specialize in the production of car audio systems with GPS navigation, car cameras, GPS tracker and other car-related accessories since 2009.

To provide good products, Seicane has excellent teams who focus on product development & design, quality control & inspection and company operations. Thanks to the high quality products and perfect service, Seicane is becoming a leading supplier in this industry who wins more and more customers from all over the world.






Excellent Products of Seicane

Seicane offers different car audio navigation systems for different car models. Car owners can easily find out their needed systems on the Seicane official website. Recently, Seicane launched the H7N series, which has gained a lot of customers. Let’s know more about the product.

High configuration

Used the latest Android system and adopted 8-core A53 1.8GHz CPU and high-speed iNAND MLC hard disk, the H7N series car audio systems are able to start up within just 1 sec. And it only takes less than 2 seconds for sound, 3 seconds for rearview and 16 seconds for operation. Apart from this, by made of a large size of IPS touchscreen, the systems provides users with fast and smooth operation.

Various functions

There is no doubt that listening to music and radios are one of the basic functions of the product. However, since it comes with Wifi and built-in 36EQ DSP, users are allowed to search their favorite and latest songs online, then enjoy them in a quality sound effect.

With the networking function, users can also watch movies, browse the webs on the audio system. What’s more, as the product support Carplay Android Auto, people can connect the phones to the product and use the phone applications on the display freely.











These intelligent car audio systems are not only for entertainment purpose, but help keep our drive easier and safer on the road. For example, with the Bluetooth technology, we can make calls while still keeping our hands on the steering wheel control. With more latest navigation information showing on the big screen, we get the best route to our destination without wasting time. With adding car cameras such as the rear view camera to the audio system, there is no trouble to park the car even you are not good at it before.

You can choose to add a OBDII and TPMS to the audio system. With the OBDII Scanner, you can connect it to your car’s DLC port and open the system’s Bluetooth for monitoring the car’s fuel consumption, water temperature, revolving speed, environment temperature, computer load, car speed etc in the OBD interface. The TPMS reports real-time tire-pressure information via a pictogram display or a simple low-pressure warning light to help you save fuel consumption, extend the tire life, decrease downtime and maintenance and increase environmental efficiency. The early recognition of the malfunction of tires provided by TPMS can avoid traffic accidents to improve safety in the whole process of driving.

If you are planning to upgrade your factory radio with a large touchscreen multifunctional car audio navigation system, Seicane will be a good option.









Car Audio Upgrade Guide of My Second-hand Honda Civic (LHD)

Getting a car is not so difficult for people now, but some of them are unable to afford a brand new car, so they purchased the second-hand cars which is a good choice for them. I also owned a second-hand car, it’s a Honda Civic (LHD) who still keeps good performance, and I am very satisfied with it.

Definitely, in terms of innovation and technology application, the old second-hand car must not as good as new cars. For example, mordern new cars come with excellent stereos, while my second-hand Honda Civic (LHD) only has the old-fashioned radio with simple functions. Therefore, I decided to look for the aftermarket car stereo to upgrade my factory radio.

My friend recommended the Seicane car audio navigation system to me. After doing some researches, I placed the order and in last month finished the upgrade job with the help of him. I would like to share the guide to you here.

Replacement steps of (2006-2011) Honda Civic (LHD) factory audio

Before the installation job, make sure you have tools like plastic pry tool, screwdriver in hand and cut off the car power for safety. Below picture shows the original radio.







Step 1 Use a plastic pry tool to pry the small board under the radio system, and remove the two eight millimeter bolts of the plastic trim





Step 2 Pull out the panel under the steering wheel





Step 3 Remove the screws that fixed the whole top panel, then pull out the whole top panel and unplug its connector





Step 4 Pull out the original radio unit and unplug all the connectors





Step 5 Check the cable accessories of the new Seicane car radio GPS system






Step 6 Remove the HVAC control board, air outlet and related accessories of the old radio panel, and install them to the new car navigation radio





Step 7 Remove these white and black small chips of the original head unit and install them on the new radio unit





Step 8 Correspondingly connect cables between new car radio navigation system and the car





Step 9 Turn on the car to test whether the new car radio unit work normally






Step 10 If there is no problem, fix the new radio in the dashboard, and install all the panel accessories in their original positions

Why choose Seicane navigation radio system for my Honda Civic (LHD)?

Category Description
High Configuration 1) Equipped with intelligent pure Android 10.0 operation system.

2) With 8-core CPU, 4GB RAM and 64GB ROM, as well as 1024P resolution.

3) 10.1 inch multi-touch IPS screen with smooth operation, high sensitivity and abundant interaction.

Excellent Features 1) Come with Bluetooth, support hands-free calls and music streaming.

2) Provide 3D Navigation, help drivers get to destination fast and safe.

3) Listening to music, receiving radio tuners, and watching videos offline/online.

4) There are exquisite and user-friendly user interfaces to increase visual experience.

5) Support Carplay and Android Auto, you can freely use phone applications in this radio display when connect your phone to this head unit.

Optional Functions 1) Users can add DVR to this Seicane car radio to record the whole process of traffic accidents, take photos for front of vehicles and store the video in real-time while driving.

2) It also supports backup camera then when you reverse the car, it can automatically switch to the parking image, help parking easily.















Replacement Guide for 2012-2015 Ford Focus Car Audio with GPS Bluetooth

If your car isn’t new enough, I assure its stereo did not use the latest technology, maybe it’s still a button-operated audio. As an old car owner, I fully understand that most of time, the car stereo can’t meet our needs, especially it wasn’t the one with touchscreen, can’t watch video, can’t connect the phone, as well as can’t provide GPS navigation. So annoying!

I strongly realized that I must do something to stop the harassment, so I decided to replace the old car stereo in my 2012 Ford Focus. After replacing it, I am glad I made the right choice. Now at this post, I would like to share some experience with all of you.

Part 1 How to replace the 2012 Ford Focus audio?

I finished the replacement with the help of my brother. It’s not so hard, you can do it yourself. Scroll down to get more instructions and steps.

Recommended Stereo Seicane Touch Screen Car Stereo System with GPS Bluetooth for 2012-2015 Ford Focus
Tools Needed Screwdriver, cable tie, rag, tape, etc.(Used according to your real need. )
Attentions 1) Ensure the power of the car is cut off during replacing work.

2) Do not put disassembled accessories casually, keep them in good condition.

3) Ask for help when you are not sure the installation.

This is the original car audio system.


Step 1 Remove fixing screws of the panel of the original audio system.


Step 2 Use your hand to pull the panel out with proper force.


Step 3 Remove the screws fixed the original audio unit.





Step 4 Take out the audio unit, and unplug its cables.





Step 5 Remove the air outlet on the original audio panel and install it on the new Seicane car audio GPS system.





Step 6 Carefully connect the new audio system to the car plugs.







Step 7 Fix the new audio and power the car to test and check whether the new. system works well








Step 8 If everything works, the whole installation is finished.







Part 2 Learn more about Seicane car audio system

Categories Descriptions
Hardware Android 9.1 System, 9.7 Inch Screen, 4-core CPU, 2GB RAM, 32GB Storage
GPS Navigation With built-in GPS module, it’s able to support the latest navigation app, offering real-time and accurate navigation data.
Radio Channels The system is integrated with high-sensitive radio IC with good reception, support FM/AM/RDS radios.
Carplay Use a Carplay USB dongle, you can connect your phone to the audio system, adding more fun.
Network It supports 4G Wifi network, allowing you to access to the Internet at high-speed, giving you more entertainment during driving journey.
Added Options You can add more options to the Seicane car audio system, such as rear view camera, OBD II, TPMS etc., to increase driving experience.

For 2008-2016 Volvo XC60 Car Stereo System with GPS Navigation Upgrade Guide

Technology changes life, especially the invention of automobiles. With a car, we can go anywhere, and the reason why we can reach any place smoothly and safely is due to the use of navigation. That’s why we need a car stereo with navigation function.

Because of the immaturity of technology, most of the built-in car stereos in previous cars not only lacked the navigation function, but also couldn’t be touch screen, not to mention watch videos. In recent years, replacing old car radio for an aftermarket multifunctional car stereo has become a top choice of many car owners when it comes to car upgrade.

They may ask someone to modify it or install it themselves. Some car stereo GPS systems are indeed easy to install by themselves. Following is an upgrade guide for 2008-2016 Volvo XC60 car audio system.

For convenient and safe job, you are advised to prepare some tools including screwdriver and pry board and make sure the car power is cut off during the process.

Steps on 2008-2016 Volvo XC60 Car Audio GPS System Upgrade

Old-fashioned car audio system



Step 1 Remove the two fixing screws behind the frame of the original audio



Step 2 Slightly pry the frame and take it off



Step 3 Loose and remove the screws that fixed the original audio system



Step 4 Take out the control panel of the audio and unplug the connector



Step 5 Remove the fixing screws of the original audio screen and unplug the cables



Step 6 Remove the screws that fixed the original audio unit and take it out, unplug all the cables



Step 7 Connect the new Seicane car stereo GPS navigation system to the original car port



Step 8 Plug the special port of the new audio screen to the original port



Step 9 Check whether all the cables are connected correctly, then turn on the car to test the new stereo system whether works normally. If yes, fix it well.


Seicane Car Stereo for 2008-2016 Volvo XC60 checkout

Model H2457N H6474N A5474N-L
Android 10.0 10.0 10.0
Configuration 8 core CPU, 4G+64G 4 core CPU, 2G+32G 4 core CPU, 2G+32G
Screen IPS Touch Screen IPS Touch Screen IPS Touch Screen
Carplay Support Support Support
GPS 3D Navigation 3D Navigation 3D Navigation
Bluetooth, WIFI Yes Yes Yes
Picture in Picture Yes Yes No
Split Screen Display Yes Yes Yes
RDS, DSP With RDS With RDS With both
Steering Wheel Control Support Support Support
Rear View Camera Support Support Support
Special Price US$312~ US$209~ US$267~

If you are not sure the final choice, just look at your budget.