Removal and Installation Instructions for a 2014-2018 Mercedes Benz C Class Touchscreen Radio Head Unit

Generally speaking, Mercedes-Benz vehicles are typically well-equipped right off the showroom floor, but that doesn’t mean you can’t make any change after buying a Mercedes-Benz. There are a variety of convenient car upgrades for Benz in the market, all is for offering you a better drive.

Mercedes Benz C Class

Recently, one of popular car upgrades for Mercedes-Benz is to replace the factory radio screen for a larger one. To help you learn more about that, here we’re going to show you a guide about 2014-2018 Mercedes Benz C Class radio replacement. You may have new ideas for your Benz upgrades after reading this guide.


Replacement steps for 2014-2018 Mercedes Benz C Class radio

Before starting the replacement, we need,

  • A new big size Android touchscreen radio
  • Handy tools include plastic pry tools, screwdrivers
  • And to cut off the car power to ensure safety

Take a look at the factory radio system.


Step 1, Use a plastic pry tool to pry up on the speaker cover that is right behind the car screen. Be careful to avoid scratching the dashboard panel.


Step 2, Use screwdriver to remove two screws that are holding the bracket in place for the stock screen.


Step 3, Slide out the old screen and disconnect the two connections on the back of the bracket.


Step 4, Press to open the armrest box near the handbrake, then use a pry tool to remove the silver trim piece of the center console.


Step 5, Remove the two screws that fix the center console.


Step 6, Then lift up on the center console with your hands and set it aside.


Step 7, Remove two screws that fixed the original radio unit.


Step 8, Pull out the original radio unit and remove the connections.


Step 9, Connect cables of new touchscreen radio system to the car plugs.


Step 10, Connect the original radio unit to the car via the new wiring cables, and install it back to the dashboard.


Step 11, Connect and place well the AUX connector. It’s for audio input.


Step 12, Install back the center console and silver trim piece.


Step 13, Install the new bracket (used to stabilize the new screen) , pull the new cable ports (used to connect the new car screen) go through the new bracket, then fix the new bracket well.


Step 14, Connect the new screen to the car.


Step 15, Fix well the new screen.


Step 16, Finally, install back the speaker cover.


Step 17, Now you can turn on the car to test the new Android radio system.


Seicane Android Touchscreen Radio with Carplay for 2014-2018 Mercedes Benz C Class

Seicane offers high quality aftermarket car radios for different car models. The Android Touchscreen Radio with Carplay for 2014-2018 Mercedes Benz C Class that we used to upgrade our Benz comes a wide range features,

  • Made of a 10.25” IPS screen and designed with convenient and beautiful user interface, greatly improve viewing experience.
  • Adopt Android 10.0 system, Snapdragon 8-core CPU and 4GB RAM, is able to keep stable performance as well as provide smooth operations.
  • This head unit comes built-in DSP setting, you can adjust it according to your needs, enjoying better sound effects.
  • There is also built-in Carplay/Android Auto connection. By applying Carplay, you can easily and safely make calls, listen to music, send and receive messages, use navigation and more on the radio.
  • It not only navigates us to destination quickly, but add safety to our drive when connecting rear view camera to it.
  • Since it’s car screen replacement, that means we don’t need to remove the radio main unit, so the new radio system still keeps all original car functions, using it more comfortable.


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