Replacement Guide for 2012-2015 Ford Focus Car Audio with GPS Bluetooth

If your car isn’t new enough, I assure its stereo did not use the latest technology, maybe it’s still a button-operated audio. As an old car owner, I fully understand that most of time, the car stereo can’t meet our needs, especially it wasn’t the one with touchscreen, can’t watch video, can’t connect the phone, as well as can’t provide GPS navigation. So annoying!

I strongly realized that I must do something to stop the harassment, so I decided to replace the old car stereo in my 2012 Ford Focus. After replacing it, I am glad I made the right choice. Now at this post, I would like to share some experience with all of you.

Part 1 How to replace the 2012 Ford Focus audio?

I finished the replacement with the help of my brother. It’s not so hard, you can do it yourself. Scroll down to get more instructions and steps.

Recommended Stereo Seicane Touch Screen Car Stereo System with GPS Bluetooth for 2012-2015 Ford Focus
Tools Needed Screwdriver, cable tie, rag, tape, etc.(Used according to your real need. )
Attentions 1) Ensure the power of the car is cut off during replacing work.

2) Do not put disassembled accessories casually, keep them in good condition.

3) Ask for help when you are not sure the installation.

This is the original car audio system.


Step 1 Remove fixing screws of the panel of the original audio system.


Step 2 Use your hand to pull the panel out with proper force.


Step 3 Remove the screws fixed the original audio unit.





Step 4 Take out the audio unit, and unplug its cables.





Step 5 Remove the air outlet on the original audio panel and install it on the new Seicane car audio GPS system.





Step 6 Carefully connect the new audio system to the car plugs.







Step 7 Fix the new audio and power the car to test and check whether the new. system works well








Step 8 If everything works, the whole installation is finished.







Part 2 Learn more about Seicane car audio system

Categories Descriptions
Hardware Android 9.1 System, 9.7 Inch Screen, 4-core CPU, 2GB RAM, 32GB Storage
GPS Navigation With built-in GPS module, it’s able to support the latest navigation app, offering real-time and accurate navigation data.
Radio Channels The system is integrated with high-sensitive radio IC with good reception, support FM/AM/RDS radios.
Carplay Use a Carplay USB dongle, you can connect your phone to the audio system, adding more fun.
Network It supports 4G Wifi network, allowing you to access to the Internet at high-speed, giving you more entertainment during driving journey.
Added Options You can add more options to the Seicane car audio system, such as rear view camera, OBD II, TPMS etc., to increase driving experience.

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