The Don’ts When Using Car DVD Players


We know a lot about car DVD players’ functions, and we know how to use it skillfully. You may list at least ten ways to play your car DVD player. However, can you list ten don’ts when using car DVD players?

Mercedes Benz Smart car DVD player

Mercedes Benz Smart car DVD player

Make sure that we drive safety and enjoy our car DVD player, here are the don’ts for you to notice.


To avoid car accident and possible violation of applicable law, do not use this system for other purposes during driving except for instruction. Similarly, do not use back screen if it limits drivers’ vision.


Watching the pictures in the screen is illegal for drivers and other person in the car in some regions. These laws should be abided by under applicable conditions and back video output function of the product should not be used.


This system prevents you from watching pictures in the front screen if it detects the parking brake is in use. If you try to watch pictures, the warning “watching front seat video is forbidden” is displayed in the front screen.


Do not ground forcibly the brake test line to watch video at any time, as this would raise serious potential safety problems.


Some menus, as well as some AV functions, are disabled during driving.


Park the car at a safety place and choose parking brake if you want to watch the pictures in the front screen.


Backseat passenger can watch the picture when the screen is connected to back monitor output and back monitor output of this system is used for screen connection.


Do not install the back screen at the place where the driver can watch during driving. Abide by following principles to avoid the storage battery exhaustion:

Ensure the generator is activated when using this system, otherwise using this system would cause exhausted battery.

Do not install this system in the cars without ACC location.

To identify the rear condition conveniently, the picture reflected by rear-view camera during reversing is sometimes the mirror image.

Use input function only when the picture is inverted and the rear-view camera is mirroring, and using this function in other applications would cause irreparable damage.

Do not maintain, disassemble or remake the product by yourself or by other service company, as such action would cause abnormality to this product.


More information can be found on product instructions on our website, here’s an example, feel free to click: http://www.seicane.com/android-mercedes-benz-smart-2006-2010-head-unit-dvd-player-gps-navigation-system-with-3g-wifi-radio-bluetooth-sia-9313

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