The malfunction and elimination methods of car DVD player navigation system

The No.1malfunction and elimination methods

Car DVD GPS navigation is a kind of mainframe with car DVD player and navigation function, and it usually used to replace the original car’s CD mainframe. If with specialized design, the battery socket and the loudspeaker wire must perfectly fit the original car and keep the same style, appearance and size with the original car.

1. Unable to start the car DVD player GPS system

This problem usually caused by the user’s improper operation. When the system can not operate, the solution is to slightly press the RET button with toothpick, then you can start it again.

2.  Careful driving appeared on the screen after start the device

This is the worldwide commonly used hand brake testing function, which remind the drivers can not watch audio while driving. The testing line connected with the hang brake line, and only after the driver pull up the hang brake can the sign disappeared. If the user does not need this function, he can shut up the function in the setting options, or just connect the hand brake wire with the ground wire.

3. Can not find the navigation software after access to the navigation system

Check the configure path settings or re-set the path of navigation path (open NAVIONE of the SD folder NAVIONE.EXE, slightly click the alertdialog, then click navigation setting, and then navigation path setting, then find the run file in the form of EXE suffix name, then double click it, after that log out of the setting and re-start the navigation)

4.  The navigation can not receive the signal from satellite

Under the navigation situation, the satellite map will show the current location. If the circle point on the upper right corner of the display interface is red, then it means the satellite signal is weak, and the user should check whether the antennae of the navigation have been connected well or not. Meanwhile, the driver should also make sure whether the locating place of the antennae right or not. The navigation action should be operated in the open air, and the antennae should keep balance with the earth and directly point to the sky. So, the satellite signal can be well received.

5.  Noise occurred under the navigation situation

Generally, the noise caused by the engine from the navigation power obstructs. The solution is to add power filter to the socket line on the end of the navigation connect line.

6.  Noise from the accelerator when start the car

The solution is to add inductive power filter power on the mainframe power line, or make the mainframe shell connect the ground, such as add pillow screen, or string interference from the headrest signal, which can cut the headrest signal and erase interference.

7. There is a flash when braking the car

The reason of this situation may because of the water flow into the socket or the ground wire of the socket is of bad contact, which formed power cross to the reversing light.

8. The rearview mirror is no video input or trembling

First, confirm whether the mainframe reversion wire (orange) and the reversing light wire finely connected with the rear-view camera wire. (Check whether the buttcock wire connected right). Meanwhile, check whether the power supply of the rear-view is normal, the damage situation of each wiring harness, the quality problem of the camera, the power supply voltage balance and the wrongfully installation of the rear-view camera. The last reason is that the connection wire has a problem.

9. The rear mirror can not be seen clearly

Check the cleanliness of the rear camera lens, and whether water spray can get in and whether the focal length has changed because of the man-made shake.

The No.2 malfunction and elimination methods

a. The car DVD player can not play sound.

b. Figure out whether the system under mute state.

c. Check whether the horn lunk of the loudspeaker disconnected.

d. Check whether the loudspeaker was damaged. If necessary, change a new one.

If the above three state is normal, then the reason is that a set of loudspeaker wire short out with the car. If it is the situation, you can connect only one loudspeaker under disconnect of all the loudspeaker wire. If the loudspeaker can play well, then the mainframe must have a problem.

2. Why the voice of the button has changed?

This situation caused by the unknowingly chosen the button voice. You can chose your favorite voice of the button after you enter into the main interface and push the second button which from the left to the right. If you need to shut down the button voice, please enter into the setting interface and choose the function setting, then chose open or close with pushing the loudspeaker voice.

3. Why the mainframe light is out of light after turn on the light?

This happened because the user chose to close the button light with their mainframe color palette. Enter into the main interface, from left to right, push the third button you can adjust the color of the color palette as you like.

4.  Why spectrum display situation happened after view programs or some other state?

This car DVD player equipped with multistage spectrum function, and the function is optional. If open the function and use it with DVD, SD, USB and other function, the spectrum will present automatically. If you need to close this function, after enter the main interface, from left to right you can see a icon button, click it can close it, it will open if click again.

5. Car DVD player

a. Rushing sound when read CD

This situation may caused by your poor quality CD, which may have deckle, out of shape, or the uneven thickness. Change a better CD, then the problem can be solved.

b. some kind of CD can not be read

Please check the CD and see whether it has polishing scratch or it was covered too much dust. Change a clean one and buy the legal copy, then your problem can be solved.

c.Some CD can be read on other company’s car DVD player but can not be read on our product

In order to cheat consumers, some manufactures improved the DVD laser power to a high level. In this way, the error correcting capacity was improved, but it lower the lifespan of the laser head to more than a half year compared with those normal one.

d. No sound with DVD

When there is no sound with car DVD player (video and navigation with voice), then the DVD must be put in a wrong way. Enter into the DVD setting and choose voice setting, then enter into voice output and change it to analog output. Then exit the setting interface and the DVD will return to normal state.

The No.2 malfunction and elimination methods

1>. Bluetooth

a. In order to use the hand-free function of the Bluetooth, you need to match the mainframe with the Bluetooth. Open the Bluetooth interface, then you can see the automatically Bluetooth connection state.

b. Open the Bluetooth function of your cell phone, then you can see the matching on the screen. After the system connected with your cell phone, the name of the device Carkit can show on the cell phone. Input the password 0000 when connect the two device, and the mainframe will show connect ok.

c. You can dial cell phone number directly or through the number button on the screen.

d.You can input the number with the number button on the screen, if you dial the wrong number, you can click delete.

e. When calls in, the system can automatically change to the Bluetooth situation no matter under what mode, which realize the hand-free function.

2. The sound is too lower

Please check the sound track of the front loudspeaker. This car DVD player navigation system only supports the front loudspeaker.

3. How to conversion call answering between the cell phone and the mainframe through Bluetooth?

When you use the mainframe calling or answering calls, you can click the M button on the Bluetooth interface.


2>. U flash disk or SD card play

1. When play the file of the U flash disk, you should out the U drive in the right way and connect it with the mainframe board through the USB port.

2. When play the file of SD card, you should put the SD card to the SD port in the right directly.

3.After finish reading the U drive and SD card, the play will just the same as MP3 or MP4.

3>. Less TV station and poor signal

First make sure the TV antenna power wire and the signal receive wire is in good state. Here, we suggest you to install the TV antenna on the back of the glass.

4. When touch the screen, there is response.

At the beginning, the consumers do not have better knowledge about the car DVD player system. This product has a special function, when you touch the screen without purpose, there will be no response on the mainframe except a small lock appears on the top left corner.

5. The way to adjust the touch screen

After start the device and enter into radio state, press the setup button for a little time, and use the touch pen click the cross on the cross point of the cross, you can finish the process until it’s return to the radio state automatically.

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