The Notes of Purchasing Car DVD Player for your New Car

Nowadays, more and more people chose to buy a car DVD player when they buy a car GPS system for their new car. About 40% people want to equipment their car with car DVD play GPS navigation. Therefore, there are more and more various brands of car DVD GPS navigation. This often makes people confused, because they usually do not know which one to choose.


After the poor-quality car DVD player GPS navigation installed, you will hear scream from the acoustics and the loudspeaker when you put the hammer down. Besides, the image effect is also very poor. Therefore, you should notice the following three points when purchase the most suitable car DVD GPS navigation for your new car.


Firstly, you should make sure the tone quality of the car DVD GPS navigation is super-high.

The main use of the DVD is to play music and video, thus an excellent quality of the tone is extremely important. When purchase the device, you should ask about what’s the head-end input of this item, and compare with other brand, then you can choose the highly tone quality product.


Secondly, the image and configuration of the car DVD GPS navigation must be good.

There are two kinds screen of the car DVD GPS navigation, analog screen and digital high definition screen. The pixel of the analog screen is 240*240 or 480*240, while the high definition screen is 800*480. Besides, all high quality DVD adopts double drive, DVD and CD.


Thirdly, the precision and the efficiency of the Car DVD player navigation system must be the best.

Generally, good car DVD player navigation factory will use high quality navigation software, while those poor one often cause error, such as navigate very slowly and the system halted. Good car DVD GPS navigation system usually use dual-core mode, that is use two separate CPU in the navigation. Therefore, the two systems won’t affect each other but to improve the speed and the precision.

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